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Visionary Medicine:
Real Hope for Total Healing

Applying Edgar Cayce's holistic therapies for physical,
emotional, and spiritual wellness

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"Visionary Medicine correlates the information from the Cayce readings with modern scientific findings as does no other book in existence today… I could not put the book down once I began reading it!"
Dr. John O.A. Pagano, bestselling author of
Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative

"I found the book to be extremely interesting, comprehensive, well written, and well documented. It is a MUST read for anyone considering alternative approaches to healing, particularly those espoused by Edgar Cayce, a man many rightly regard as the father of modern holistic medicine."
Dr. Dudley Delany, author of
The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine

"Some of the best researched, accurate, and sensible info about Cayce."
Francis Sporer, Senior Member of the Cayce/Reilly Massage School Faculty for 12 years, Art Director of Venture Inward magazine for 20 years


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Edgar Cayce's amazing natural therapies have brought health and healing to thousands of people around the world, many of whom had failed to find help from orthodox medicine. What are these healing secrets, and how can you benefit from them today?

Visionary Medicine: Real Hope for Total Healing tells you how the Cayce therapies and remedies can help you to:

  • Boost immunity
  • Prevent degenerative disease
  • Improve circulation and flexibility
  • Get sound, restful sleep
  • Tap into the power of energy medicine
  • Heal yourself using light and sound
  • Improve stress response
  • Treat depression and addiction holistically
  • Relieve arthritis and diabetes symptoms naturally
  • Benefit from Cayce's Radial Appliance and Wet Cell Battery

Discover how you can use your mind to create health instead of illness. Learn about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and the high cost of unnecessary medical procedures. Find out why good nutrition is your first defense against degenerative disease and premature aging. Explore how exercise, chiropractic, massage, and hydrotherapy can help you achieve optimal energy levels and greater well-being.