What authors, editors, and publishers have said about Simone's work:

Lance Secretan, PhD, internationally renowned leadership advisor, keynote speaker, and award-winning author:

  • in Spirit@Work Cards and Book: "Simone Gabbay has a rare gift with words and is an incredible communicator and writer, and without her loving editing assistance, this work would have been very much poorer."
  • in Inspire! What Great Leaders Do: "Thanks to Simone Gabbay, who has, once again, worked so seamlessly with me to order my straying syntax and perplexing prose."
  • in ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership, winner of the 2007 ASAW Book of the Year Award: “My longtime friend and editor, Simone Gabbay, is a wonderful writer, editor, and, most important, creative partner. Her gentle, astute, and imaginative ideas have become part of the tapestry of ONE.”
  • "Simone Gabbay... has been a colleague, advisor, editor, researcher, and guide in creating numerous books I have written, articles I have published, and other written and digital communications... I have found Simone's work ethics to be matchless. She is an outstanding writer, editor, researcher, guide, and teacher." (Click here to read the full letter.)

Moreah Ragusa, RFM, psychotherapist and inspirational speaker:

Gwen Nowak, biblical scholar and author of Miriam of Nazareth: Who Can Find Her?:
"I am grateful for the sensitively personal yet very professional services of editor Simone Gabbay and production consultant Heidy Lawrance. Able midwives, they have made the final stages of delivery of 'my Miriam' more tolerable, sometimes even joyful."

John O.A. Pagano, D.C., author of Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, in the foreword to Simone's book Visionary Medicine: Real Hope for Total Healing:
"The late Gina Cerminara, Ph.D., author of several books, ... said it most succinctly: 'The secret of good writing is to be understood,' to which I would like to add 'with no chance of being misunderstood.' Ms. Gabbay's writing is a perfect example of that principle in action."

Kevin Todeschi, Executive Director, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, VA, and former Editor-in-Chief, Venture Inward magazine:
"As editor-in-chief of Venture Inward magazine, I have had the privilege of working with Simone for several years. My direct experience with Simone is that she is a gifted writer, excels at deadlines, and is extremely knowledgeable about her field."

Rhody Lake, former editor-in-chief, Alive magazine:
"I must say that you are one of our most reliable writers in that you know the Alive philosophy. Not everyone gets it."

Siegfried Gursche, MH, founding publisher, Alive Books and Alive magazine:
"I just finished reading your manuscript [for a Natural Health Guides booklet]. Excellent!!! throughout."